Facts About British Festivals You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many British festivals that transpire every year. Each one is swarmed by countless music fanatics, who glam it up by glamping, or party all night with heart-pumping music. Here are some little known facts about British music festivals.

1. There are approximately 5 festivals for the month of April

There are also about 51 in May, 43 in June, 65 in July, 46 in August, and 20 in September.

2. 97% of festival-goers drink alcohol

What’s a festival without any alcohol, right? You gotta get a little tipsy to get rid of your inhibitions. A festival is about letting it all loose. Speaking of loose, did you know that 22% of festival-goers have taken drugs? So, parents, if you want to make absolutely sure your kid from ingesting any illegal medicine, better not say yes to that music festival.

3. 9.38 miles is the average distance walked by festival-goers at Glastonbury.

0.63 miles is the average distance walked by a festival-goer at Secret Garden Party.

4. 180 pounds is the price for a cab home from Glastonbury to Hackney as paid by one punter last year.

5. 350 pounds is the price to hire a four-seater plane to fly from Bournemouth to Bestival.

6. 50 pounds is the price to hire a two man kayak to paddle from Limehouse Basin to Lovebox.

7. 3.90 pounds is the price of the Oyster tube fare from Zone 4 to British Summer Time in Hyde Park

8. 16 hours is the travel time by bicycle from London to Latitude, and it takes 35 hours travel time by canal boat from Little Venice to the Reading Festival.

Some festivals don’t cost anything at all, while some cost a fortune. That’s why people work hard behind their offices, so that they can earn money to go to these festivals. It’s the only exciting thing in their lives. Do you want an extremely beautiful wedding dress for you to wear? Jasmine fashion wedding dress is all what you are looking for. They got the most outstanding dresses in the world of fashion today.

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