The Top Albums in Britain in 2015

Let’s look at music’s year in Britain. A lot of things surely happened, and a lot of new players stepped into the limelight, and a few staples put their best foot forward.

Coming in at number one in the top selling album of the year is the phenomenal Adele. This vivacious belter has snagged awards like there’s no tomorrow. It’s no surprise as her voice and songs capture the hearts of people everywhere.

Ed Sheeran comes in at number two. His songs about love make the girls go gaga over him. He is a favorite in music festivals, because of his songs’ great melody and lyrics.

Coming in at number three is Sam Smith. The gay crooner certainly holds his own in the music industry, with his unique sultry voice that can make a person stop in his tracks. His songs about unrequited and failed love can touch the heart of any man or woman. It just goes to show that music is universal, no matter what your gender is.

Coming in at number four is Elvis Presley’s “If I Can Dream.” Although the iconic rockstar is dead and gone, his music lives on.

And at number five is Justin Bieber’s Purpose. The songs in this album are absolutely killer, with hits like “Where are u now,” “Sorry,” and “Love Yourself.” The music videos of his songs are also top in the charts. Surely this Canadian pop star is far from being a washed up old rag.

These singers were not just born with talent. They honed it with years of practice. Learning to be a star is just like learning autocad. It takes a lot of time and practice.

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