The Music Industry As Seen From The Social Web

The most engaged music companies on Twitter are EMI, Aim UK, Warner Music, Musically, Ditto Music,, ASCAP, Universal Music, Sony Music, Tunecore, and the most are Fanbridge, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, iTunes Music, and Myspace.

Here’s a fun fact, Britney Spears has more Twitter followers than the U.S. president.

Here is the proportion of music videos versus non-music videos on YouTube: 30.7% music videos, 69.3% not music videos. Imagine that? A huge chunk of videos on YouTube turns out to be music videos. That’s how powerful music is in the web.

It would take about 180 years to watch every single music video on YouTube. Imagine the jobs of music industries doing award shows. They have to watch a ton of music videos each year.

Here’s another fun fact, there are more bands on Myspace than people in New Zealand, however, New Zealand sheep still outnumber bands on Myspace at an 8:1 ratio.

According to Facebook, Universal Music has 3,700 employees, while Sony Music has 3,300 employees. Warner Music has 2,200 employees, and Emi has 1,600 employees.

That’s 10,500 employees in total working online marketing service. That’s how many people music industries are employing in this kind of work, great post to read. That means more families fed, and more people earning a living from digital marketing service. And they say the arts was a dead end career path.

There are 1,407,208 guitarists in the world. Compared to 72,540 bass guitarists, 18,960 classical guitarists, and 2,920 Ukelele players.

That’s for the string category. Did you know that there 544,120 pianists, and 137,660 drummers? This statistic is of course not representing the total number of players in the world. These are just based on people saying it is an interest on their Facebook profile.

When you want to start a rock band or a music career, it takes a lot of investment. ┬áMaybe it’s time to take that big leap and aim for your dreams to be a star!

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